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Tvůj domeček s.r.o.


7.6 % p.a.


CZK 10,000




20 September 2024

The company Tvůj domeček s.r.o. is a brand new project of the parent investment company in the real estate market. The unique focus of construction of residential and recreational buildings in conjunction with the magic of nature in close proximity to the capital is destined for success for those with a positive attitude to nature and exceptional solutions.

What will we use the funds raised by the bond issue for?

We will use the obtained funds to realize the construction and subsequent sale of “Oasis of Peace and Quiet” focused on recreational and permanent living in the middle of natural locations, yet close to the capital.

How do we plan to evaluate and repay the funds?

The investment will be appreciated by simple and fast construction of modern prefabricated houses for recreational and permanent use on land in beautiful natural locations.

The support of the investment project and its success lies in the already expressed interest in this kind of housing and its connection with nature. The length of implementation of individual projects, which is calculated in mere months, allows very fast and effective appreciation of funds.

Profitability of individual projects and implementation is then calculated in the range of 40% to 45%.
The minimum level of investment risk is then ensured by the value of real estate and land.


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