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9,1% p.a.


CZK 25,000




10 June 2022

SINCOM – Investment Company a.s. is based on more than 25 years of market experience in investment, construction and real estate.

Our primary focus is investing effectively in the entire spectrum of real estate – land, house construction, housing, small and medium-sized commercial properties.

We invest in the market and in an environment that we have known for years and follow its development. On the market, we take advantage of the ever-increasing demand for housing construction, especially in the capital city. We are also investing in foreign holiday resorts with a high level of efficiency and return.

What will we use the funds raised by the bond issue for?

We will also use the funds obtained by the bond issue to  realize a larger volume of investments in the real estate market , especially by purchasing suitable real estate, which we will subsequently evaluate and sell, or we can build brand new real estate with higher potential for appreciation of invested funds.

How do we plan to evaluate and repay the funds?

We invest  in the real estate market , an area we know  well  and we can estimate the investment potential of individual properties and their profitability in the particular locations. Efficiency and speed of individual investment projects in conjunction with excellent quality of execution leads to very effective appreciation of invested funds.

The duration of each implementation is in the range of  6 to 24 months  with a planned rate of appreciation of funds from  30% to 55%.

Overview of investment funds appreciation in% for individual types of projects:

  • Family houses and terraced houses: 40% to 60%
  • Apartments and residential complexes: 50% to 60%
  • Revitalization of urban apartment buildings: 30% to 45%
  • Medium-size commercial properties: 45% to 65%

 Minimizing the risk  of the investment is inherently secured from the outset, by the value of the property itself and its market potential at the location.


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