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Our Centrum českých dluhopisů is a specialised advertising portal serving for personal supply and demand of bonds. It will serve well to those who are looking for an investment opportunity, but also those who are offering such an investment.

What are corporate bonds?

Corporate bonds are securities issued by an issuer (i.e. corporation, who emitted – issued such securities), who undertakes to pay out the regular return on a set date and to buyback bonds in accordance with the set conditions.

Bond interest yield

Nowadays, the interest rates of time deposits are very low and usually achieve only a range between 0,5% to 2,0%.

Bonds of various companies throughout the entire range of industries reach a far higher appreciation of available financial resources, namely from 7,0 % to 9,5%.

Distributing an investment into several realisation areas and companies ensures the investor a higher stability and increases the level of safety of his or her investment.

Taxation of yield of investment

The issuer is obligated to tax the yield in line with the current valid legislation with a rate of 15% with the pay-out of interests. In special and other cases, it is necessary to work with the valid applicable tax law.

Pay-out of set yields

Yields from bonds are paid out at regular intervals, stipulated in advance in the bond issuance conditions (e.g. once a month, once in three months, once per half a year, once a year etc.) to the investor’s selected account.

Procedure for buying bonds

  1. Select the bond from the current offers into which you wish to invest financial means
  2. Send the order form or an e-mail with all the necessary details and the amount of the desired investment.
  3. The bond centre administrator or the issuer will get in touch with you.
  4. Signature of the Bond Subscription Agreement follows.
  5. To the issuer’s selected account, you will pay the amount according to the Bond Subscription Agreement.
  6. After that, the bought bonds with accessories will be sent to you via registered mail.