Order a bond
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How to order a bond

Several practical and useful tips on how to proceed on the portal Dluhopisy.net when choosing the bonds, offers and ordering the bonds of individual issuers.

Read, choose and invest

Please carefully peruse the offer and dedicate enough attention to the listed information. A carefully chosen option leads to a successful investment. Detailed information can be found in the general sections on issuers, specific bonds, investment focuses and other information related to the issuance, such as bond samples, issuance conditions or agreement drafts on bond subscriptions. All information is arranged at hand for your convenience from any place through our portal Dluhopisy.net and with an internet connection.

Phone and e-mail queries straight to issuers

If you are interested in detailed or additional information to the already given information on the portal, it is possible to contact the issuer via phone or through an e-mail. All contact information of the issuer is always listed in the individual respective bond offers.

Have you chosen from the bond offers? Order now

The investment and purchase of the selected bond is nothing difficult nowt. Each investment bond offer of the issuer contains a link to an investment form, whose completion ensures a successful investment process.

Procedure for ordering bonds:

  1. Please fill in the bond order form.
    – be sure to include the number of bonds, the total amount of the investment and the name of the bonds
    – provide any required investor information for the preparation of the agreement
    – do not forget the bank account number for sending investment return and repayment of the investment amount
  2. Please check all the information and send the order form.
  3. You will receive an e-mail confirming your order and the  Bond Subscription Agreement for your chosen investment.
  4. Read the agreement carefully and verify the correctness of the information relating to the investment and the investor.
  5. Please return the signed agreement to the email address provided and make the payment to the bank account specified in the agreement.
  6. Upon receipt of the payment to the issuer’s account, you will receive all documents and securities within the specified period.