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ATS Company – investiční reality 2019


9.1 % p.a.


CZK 25,000




1 June 2022

ATS Company a.s.  has been operating in the market for more than 12 years , now expanding the business activities of the real estate market and to this end increasing the volume of funds needed for the realization of trades. The company intends to purchase, valorise, build and sell the acquired real estate, especially in the capital city of Prague and its vicinity. In the long term, we have seen high demand, especially in the residential segment, but also in the area of commercial buildings. 

What will we use the funds raised by the bond issue for?

The obtained funds  will be used for realization of real estate transactions , especially in the capital city and its close surroundings. Purchased properties will be evaluated in the form of reconstruction, rebuilding, or a completely new development and then sold.

How do we plan to evaluate and repay the funds?

We invest in real estate in an environment that we know well and can estimate the financial potential of the property. The value of real estate on the territory of the capital city of Prague is constantly rising together with the demand and this guarantees a good return on investment, together with fast liquidity of the offered real estate.

The speed of execution and the quality of execution lead to high efficiency and above-average profitability results.

The length of individual investments in relation to the realization is calculated  in the range of about 6 to 16 months with a profitability of about 35% to 45% . The market potential of the City of Prague and the annual profitability are a good prerequisite and guarantee the return on invested funds and their appreciation.

 The minimum investment risk is ensured by the value of the property itself, which is already valued at its higher market price at the time of acquisition.


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